Resorts accommodation in Italy

Discover resorts accommodation Olivium: a special place for your holidays in italy.

Resort Accommodation in Italy

The Resort Olivium is located on the beautiful hills surrounding La Spezia, one of the most charming coastal areas of northern Italy, a few steps away from the sea of the Cinque Terre and from the most beautiful art cities of Tuscany such as Pisa, Lucca, Florence and Siena.

From the residence Olivium you can discover the beautiful area of Liguria and Tuscany.
Our facility offers accommodation of various sizes, furnished in a modern and functional style, respecting the surrounding nature.
We decided to build our resorts in a wide area with beautiful olive grove.
The accommodation within the resorts are large and spacious and offer our guests all the comforts for your exclusive holidays in Italy.
All the accommodation at the resort Olivium are equipped with a kitchen or a kitchenette and a dining room, where you can independently prepare your meals.
Not so far from the residence there are some grocery stores where you can easily buy supplies.

The accommodations in our resorts are very comfortable and recently built.
Inside there is a modern and functional furniture and every comfort for your exclusive holidays in Italy.
All rooms have air-conditioning and independent heating. In addition, the apartments have private parking, and have access to the garden and swimming pool.

Our resorts accommodation in Italy is ideal for families. Its location, away from traffic and surrounded by nature, allow your children to spend a period of relaxation away from the traffic and the dangers of the city.
At our beautiful resorts you can arrange tours to one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Italy, located a few kilometers from our resorts: Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre: beautiful landscapes next to resorts accommodation Italy Olivium

The Cinque Terre is one of the most famous italian resorts in the world, visited annually by hundreds of tourists from all over the world.
This area offers unique landscapes, and breathtaking views.
The environment has been shaped to support the human activities. Mens built on the the hills overlooking the sea, houndreds of terraces, supported by dry stone walls, for the cultivation of the vine. In this area you get a wine famous all over the world, known as Sciachetrà.

In the five villages of Cinque Terre, once fishing villages, now the primary source of environmentally sustainable tourism income.
This area is easily accessible from the accommodation of the resort in italy in a few minutes, using your own car or public transport.

Reach Lerici and Portovenere from our Resorts Accommodation

Lerici and Portovenere are two typical villages in Liguria, famous throughout Italy.
These beautiful views and seaside villages offer unforgettable views, as well as numerous beaches to visit during the summer season.
From the Castle of San Terenzo to the one in Lerici a beautiful coastal walk will make you fall in love with one of the most panoramic spots in the world.

Portovenere's growing international fame and the increasing number of tourists who come to discover the unrivalled beauty of this unique village, have not spoilt its original charm nor its suggestive panorama.

Reaching the foremost known Tuscan art cities.

resorts accommodation in Italy: visit Florence, Lucca and Pisa The accommodation of our resorts in Italy are located in a prime location for easy access to the most famous cities of Tuscany. Artistic and architectural masterpieces, the city known for its history as Pisa, Lucca and Florence.

Visit Lucca

An intriguing city of a thousand faces. The superb 15th century walls Which surround and protect it are an ideal starting point to immerse yourself in the Centuries' long history has made Lucca Which Such an extraordinary place.

Discover Pisa, one of the most known Italian cities in the world

Pisa is not just the Piazza dei Miracoli, even though this square, illuminated at night, is an emotional experience. There must be a reason why it's The Most photographed square in the world!

Florence: capital of culture in Italy

The main city in Tuscany, capital of culture and birthplace to the Italian Renaisssance, Attracts visitors from all over the world .. The Uffizi Gallery with its immense cultural heritage, the beautiful squares, Ponte Vecchio with ITS craftsmen, are only a part of The Enormous potential Which Florence can offer you.

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