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Residence Cinque Terre

Reaching Cinque Terre

Residence Olivium is an exclusive residence located on the hills of La Spezia, not so far away from Cinque Terre.
In our residence you will find a friendly atmosphere and our staff will be able to help you to organize your excursions to the Cinque Terre.

From our residence you can reach Cinque Terre by car.
From La Spezia (14 Km) you must take the SS No. 370 "Cinque Terre Resort".
Alternatively, from Residence Cinque Terre Olivium, you can reach reach La Spezia and here, from the Central station, take a train to Cinque Terre. In fifteen minutes the train will arrive to Riomaggiore, the first of Cinque Terre coming from La Spezia.
An other way to reach Cinque terre, is using a ferry boat. From the marina of La Spezia, there a lot of lines connect to cinque Terre and to the others beautiful villages of the surroundings.

Residence Cinque Terre: Riomaggiore

Residence Olivium Cinque Terre Riomaggiore Riomaggiore is the southern-most of the 5 Terre. Its population, which was originally devoted to agriculture, lived on the hills.

Terminate the Saracen invasions, when the sea became safe, the inhabitants moved to the mouth of the river, near the sea and became fishermen.
Now Riomaggiore lies along the steep main road which runs under a swirling stream, the Rio, which gave its name to the sea cliff.

Riomaggiore also has an ancient stone castle elevated above the town, whose rooms are now dedicated to cultural events, exhibitions and meetings.
Thanks to a careful conservation and management of its natural heritage and of its original features, Riomaggiore offers a wide range of hiking.

Visit Manarola from our Residence Cinque Terre

Residence Olivium Cinque Terre Manarola Manarola may be the oldest of the towns in the Cinque Terre, with the cornerstone of the church, San Lorenzo, dating from 1338.
There are many lovely places to eat and drink in Manarola, where you can taste the typical ligurian seafood dishes, or the excellent white wine made in this area.

In Manarola there aren't docks and when the sea is stormy, the fishermen are obliged to hoist the boats along the rocky walls to protect them from the waves.
Enchanting the mirror of the sea framed by cliffs and scenic walks along the coast.

During the Christmas period, along the side of a hill is set up a nativity scene famous throughout the world, whose figures are drawn using thousands of lights.

Corniglia: not so far from our residence

Residence Olivium Cinque Terre Corniglia Between Vernazza and Manarola, Corniglia is situated promontory high an hundred feet above the sea and extends over a wide natural terrace.
From the beach you can reach by a wide staircase going up the country overview.

Along the Cinque Terre Blue Trail there is a stone beach that offers much easier access to the water, and also more people.

At the Corniglia train station, the path gains height to reach the town, the only one not near sea-level. The road passes lemon trees, vines, lilies and vegetation of all kinds, and in May the air is full of the perfume of flowers.

Discover residence cinque terre Vernazza

Residence Olivium Cinque Terre Vernazza Vernazza is the fourth town heading north form La Spezia to the Cinque Terre. It has no car traffic and remains one the truest "fishing villages" on the Cinque terre Italian Riviera.

The town of Vernazza was fitted by the Genoese by a defensive system that still allows us to admire the bastion, the watchtowers and the rest of the ancient walls.

The Blue Trail from Corniglia to Vernazza, the next town to the north, is a dirt path that starts off in an olive grove above the town.

Residence Cinque Terre: Monterosso

Residence Olivium Cinque Terre Monterosso Coming from the west, soon after Levanto you meet Monterosso.

Monterosso is the largest and most relaxed of the Cinque Terre, built to accommodate many tourists in large, modern apartments and hotels.
It doesn't have quite the same charm as the other towns, but it does have a quite a large sandy beach with lots of colourful umbrellas.

Along the waterfront of Monterosso, you can admire the statue of the god Neptune.

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