Olive oil courses

Surrounded by orchards of olive trees, the owner of Olivium Mr. Nicola Ricci, an experienced olive oil sommelier organises olive oil tasting courses by combining it with varieties of bruschetta. A quality olive oil is essential to Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, as it enhances flavours and is beneficial to the heart and skin. Nicola guides you through the experience of Smelling, Tasting and Eating olive oil topped on bruschetta bread to unearth the hidden essence of this legendary oil.

Learn the basic steps in appreciating the true essence of olive oil.

  • 1. Smell - Evaluate the oil's fruitiness by smelling.
  • 2. Taste - Assess its bitterness by tasting.
  • 3. Swallow - Check its pungency by swallowing.

So, book yourself a seat on a valuable and informative session.
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Olio extravergine di Olivia prodotto da Olivium