5 terre holidays

Residence Olivium is a beautiful residence located near La Spezia, ideal place to reach 5 terre during your holidays.

5 terre holidays

Olivium is situated on the first hills of La Spezia and it is the perfect place to spend your holiday in 5 terre.

5 Terre is one of the most beautiful areas in the Mediterranean Sea.
The five villages located in the area of 5 terre are MONTEROSSO, CORNIGLIA, VERNAZZA, MANAROLA and RIOMAGGIORE.
Below you find a description of what you will see during your 5 terre holidays.
Holidays in 5 terre - MONTEROSSO: is the most attended place with its ancient historic center. There you can visit religious and historic buildings and beautiful landscapes during your 5 terre holidays.

5 terre Holidays - CORNIGLIA: old village of the ligurian coast. It is a fraction of Vernazza. The sources of Corniglia are dating on the Romanian age. Corniglia is the only village of 5 terre does not face directly on the sea but is located on a promontory. It is a beautiful place for spend your holidays in 5 terre.

Holidays in 5 terre - VERNAZZA: is the second village that compose the 5 terre. Is one of the most beautiful and characteristics village of Italy. Here you can visit the church of Santa Margherita d'Antiochia, the castle of Doria and others beautiful naturally places.

Holidays in 5 terre - MANAROLA: is a fraction of Riomaggiore. It is the smallest village after Corniglia. Is located between the ligurian sea and Zatta mountain. It is possible to visit the San Lorenzo church and typical towers houses in "genovese" style.

Holidays in 5 terre - RIOMAGGIORE: old small town of Levante coast, is the most eastern and southern of the 5 terre. Is possible to visit the churches of Sant'Antonio and San Giovanni Battista, the chapels of San Rocco, San Sebastiano and San Bernardo and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Montenero.

5 terre holidays

During your 5 terre holidays you can visit the beautiful town explained above, you can reach the beautiful beaches overlooking this coast line or take walks along the characteristics and beautiful paths.
If you are a fan of diving you can explore the beuatiful bottom of the 5 terre sea.
In Levanto, near the 5 terre, you can arrange diving excursions led by experts in the area.
The marine protected area within the National Park of 5 Terre, offers a unique environment for fans of diving: groupers, croakers elegant, glittering sea bream, octopus of substantial size.

During your 5 terre holidays you can also taste the typical dishes of the Ligurian cousin as torta di riso, Minestrone, "pesto", "cima alla Genovese", castagnaccio or you can taste typical seafood dishes like "stoccafisso", "Acciughe salate" and "muscoli ripieni".

Reaching 5 terre

To reach 5 terre you can use trains, starting from La Spezia centrale train station.
You can use also your car, driving along the highway A12 - A15 you must exit at La Spezia-Santo Stefano Magra and reach Riomaggiore and Manarola.
All the 5 terre are connected by a road calling "Sanctuary road". Another way to reach 5 terre during your spring summer holidays, you can use the ferry boats daily connect La Spezia, Lerici and Portovenere to the 5 terre.

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5 terre holidays